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Weekly Meals: Ugly eats

I am currently sitting on the couch with a beer getting aa80714a-bad0-495d-8597-82bf6d49d060nready for the Patriots game to start. So far this week my Draft King’s line up is NOT looking good so I thought I would turn my attention to my blog and review some of the meals we made last week.

Last weeks eats were not pretty. They tasted great, but they just were not photogenic meals. Our cock pot has been getting quite a workout these past few weeks, and we have been relying on some classic Sullivan flavors to savor.


We used our third Campbell’s sauce packet to make a crock pot full of pulled pork! We picked up a $5 pork butt, poured on the sauce, cooked for 10 hrs, and feasted.



Turkey taco salads piled high with ground turkey, peppers, red onion, salsa, and homemade guacamole. ddc50c17-16c9-4e11-9329-7555022a1d7b


For Veteran’s Day we met Nolan’s 94 yr old grandfather and various family members for a special dinner at Olive Garden. -Veterans ate free! I got the eggplant parmesan which is GIGANTIC. But let’s be honest. You go to OG for the salad and bread sticks. By the time dinner came, I was already full so I ate about 1/3 of my meal and took the rest home.



A really ugly stir fry made with chicken and a bag of Trader Joe’s Harvest Hodgepodge.


A glass bottle of wine and my leftovers from Wednesday’s dinner at Olive Garden.

See what I mean? UGLY. Luckily I rely more on my sense of smell than sight when cooking/eating. 😉

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