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Monday Montage {4/25/16}

Mondays are sooo hard. Mondays after school vacation weeks are awful. Mondays after school vacation on 8 hrs sleep in 48 hrs is THE WORST.

Ok, ok that’s being a tad dramatic. ūüėČ Nolan and I had the best time on our vacation. Colorado is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We spent time in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Morrison, and Golden and each city had something special to offer. ¬†¬†I will do a more detailed post but here were some of the highlights.

Red Rocks


Brewery tours!

Rockies game

The views


Needless to say I wanted to cry when my alarm went off at 6:30 this morning. Usually vacation flies by but this vacation seemed to last a while. We kept so busy and I was really getting used to moving at whatever speed I felt like. Although I did do some food prep last night and had everything ready to go in the A.M , I just could not get out of bed and into school mode. On the plus side, 39 more days until summer vacation. :-)


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What a Difference a Week Makes…

Oh, the changes that have happened in the last week. It’s been a while since I posted and I promise there will be food pics and recipes in the future, but first, a few updates. Stress level- extreme.

Last Thursday we got a call from our landlord letting us know she would be selling our condo when our lease is up in July. ?!?!??!?!?! Um what?!?! Nolan and I just moved in last summer and to be honest we still haven’t unpacked all our shit. We were hoping to live here another year or two¬†and we never would have moved in if we knew it would only be for a year.¬† I DESPISE MOVING. It’s the worst.

When I got off the phone I immediately burst into tears. I love the community we live in and I was so excited for a great summer by my pool.  So yes, I fell apart for a few days. Nolan however was proactive, and within 2 days we were meeting with realtors, had a mortgage company, and we are house hunting which is terrifying.

Our plan was to stay where we are for 1 more year and THEN start this process but with the price of 1 bedroom apartments in our area, it’s cheaper to buy something. We have gone to a few open houses, seen some good and some terrifying, and I am starting to think we may actually find something we love.¬†If not¬†we will rent somewhere for another year and try this again next year. (Damn you student loans!)

In other news, I am on April vacation!!!

As planned, we spent yesterday doing laundry, running last minute errands, and packing for our trip to Denver. At about 12:30 we got a call from JetBlue letting us know that our flight which was scheduled to leave in 5 hrs had been cancelled because apparently Denver is getting slammed with snow.  AHHHH.

I’m telling you, when I got that message I was like WTF!? Why do we keep getting screwed?! (still pretty mad at our landlord for making us move) After much deliberation and rearranging, we changed our plans and now we will be going Wednesday morning until Sunday. At first I was beyond pissed off but this new plan is going to be much better than our original plan-weather wise. It was supposed to be 30s and snowy for most of our trip and now it will be 75 and sunny!

Plus, I hadn’t really stopped and realized how exhausted I was from the last few weeks at work. (the kids are always crazy the week before vacation). After we found out we were not boarding a plane in 5 hrs, I sat down on the couch and ended up falling asleep for a while. A long while. My body is happy to have some relax time before our Colorado adventure. I have a feeling that if we had made the trip yesterday, I would have spent most of the vacation asleep.

So yea, in the past 2 weeks all of our plans have been changed and I am not handling it like a champ. I realize that both of these events are 10000% out of my control so I need to move on, but I am stubborn and I do NOT handle change well. But I know that everything will work out for the best and we will end up where we are supposed to end up. I just wish I had a time machine so I could fast forward through the stress of the next 3 months!

Ok, rant over. I’m going to go cook to de-stress and maybe have a cocktail. Hey, I’m on vacation! ūüėČ






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WIAW: {4/06/16}

Oh has this been a tiring week. On Tuesday I had to attend a class all day which meant instead of being at school teaching, I was sitting in a chair for 7 hrs. I do NOT understand how people work at a desk all day! After 3 hrs and countless snacks later, I was dying for some movement. And snacking! I felt like I needed a constant intake of food to keep me going.

This week we are wrapping up parent teacher conferences which is always exhausting. I love being able to share my students’ accomplishments with their parents but it adds a whole other level of stress to the week.

Ok, onto the food!

Last week I started another facebook fitness group which has already helped me get back on track with photographing my food. I have not been able to make up my mind about breakfast this week. So why choose? Toast #1- Laughing Cow + avocado. Toast #2- sunny-side up egg and ketchup

04368b03-12db-4b7a-8f5b-5d2ac60af1e7I am loving avocado lately and have been putting it on everything.

Snack attack-¬†I just could not help myself at the store last week. I had to pick up another box of these crisps. I think I like the spinach and garlic flavor better than the original. Confession:¬†the box lasted 2 servings…..


Since last weekend was so busy, Sunday night came around and after that crazy Walking Dead finale I realized I had nothing to eat for lunches and 1000% no desire to cook. Luckily I married Superman. “Want me too cook you all the chicken in the fridge?” I smiled, and before I could even say yes he was on his way to the kitchen.


It’s not pretty, but I’ve been enjoying chicken breasts and snap peas for lunch. I was too lazy/asleep when packing my lunch to put any type of seasoning or sauce on the chicken but it still filled me up and kept me going through the afternoon.

Dinner was pulled pork in the crock pot and a side salad. Oh how I love coming home to the smell of a cooked dinner!


A few hrs after dinner I was craving something sweet and salty to much on while binge watching Law and Order SVU…


Trader Joe’s microwave popcorn (130 calories per bag!) and a few Easter m&ms sprinkled in. Perfection!


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Monday Montage: Exciting Weekend

I had the most incredible weekend. My cousin Julie who is a few months older than I am was visiting with her husband and their 7 month old baby who we were all dying to meet! They live in Alabama so we are lucky to see them once a year or two. Julie and I have always been close. We were the first two grandchildren on that side of the family and even though her family moved away when we were in 1st grade, we have remained great friends.


It was great to see her and her husband but meeting her little girl was an unreal experience. As a 28 yr old, not many people close to me have kids yet, and¬†none that I’ve known all my life. I was just in such awe of what my cousin created. She’s perfect.


It was sooo hard to say goodbye to this little nugget. Next time we see her she will be walking and talking!

My weekend also consisted of some delicious cupcakes! My aunt owns a bakery called CocoBeni Confections which sells the most delicious and creative cupcakes. Choosing a flavor is always impossible so I picked out two during my visit this weekend, Oreo, and lemon raspberry.

4c1f283f-e6b8-4c61-9cc9-f6d1c0e7d28fThe Oreo was delicious. Not too rich, full of flavor, and exactly like an Oreo. HOWEVER, the lemon raspberry was so incredible and possibly my new favorite flavor. The cake was filled with lemon goodness and just tasted like spring.

Which was about the only spring I was feeling this weekend.¬†It has snowed more in the last week than it did all winter and it’s depressing. 10 days ago it was 70 degrees, sunny, and birds were chirping their asses off. Today, I shoveled out my car…. Hoping I can finally put my winter coat away for good!


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Sausage and Tatertot Casserole

Hey, how’s it going?

This year Easter was very low key, so I decided to play host and have my mom, brother Chris, and my friend Sarah over for an easy brunch. I knew I bought a small, pre-cooked/sliced ham, bought asparagus and fruit,  but I wanted to make something new and fun to serve. After some searching, I found something that sounded too good to pass up!


You had me at tater tot! Seriously though, who doesn’t like tater tots?! And at a brunch? They double as a breakfast and a lunch side. Plus, the ingredients were very simple and easy to toss together and even prep before hand. Those characteristics are always a priority for me in the kitchen.

recipesYes, I did use the tater tots frozen but when you mix them with the cooked ground sausage, they immediately thaw out.


I had high hopes, but this dish far exceeded my expectations. I was a huge hit with the brunch crew and Nolan could not stop complimenting! WIN WIN. I put a little ketchup on it for a truly unhealthy topping but man was it perfect. This and the Blueberry Crescent Roll Bake are my two go-to brunch recipes now.



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