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Friday Fun Facts

Happy Friday!!! Yesterday afternoon we got wind of a winter storm that was quickly approaching. Because we haven’t gotten any snow this year and the storm hit during the morning commute, we have a



We haven’t gotten much yet and it should only accumulate to 5-8 inches but it’s heavy heavy snow. I’m having mixed emotions about the snow day. I was really looking forward to going to my technology conference and since I wasn’t going to be at my school anyway, it’s bittersweet. We are already scheduled to go late into June this school year and I hate to shorten the summer anymore. BUT, Nolan is working from home today so I am excited to enjoy the day with him. :-)

There are lots of little things I wanted to share today so I decided to throw them all together into some fun facts.

1 What I’m watching-  Just Jillian. Do you know this show exists?!

It’s no secret that I LOVE Jillian Michaels and I was devastated when she parted ways with The Biggest Loser. I have her book Mastering Your Metabolism and I read it once or twice a year. She also has hypothyroidism so I see her as a god-like creature. Anyway, the show is about her and her family which is something she has always been secretive about. If you like Jillian, it’s a must watch on E!

2. My favorite thing right now are these headphones.20160123_195316

There are many perks to being married to Nolan but one of the best is his nerd brain. 97fa68e3-7d73-4d21-8404-ddc25abdfe91I wouldn’t DREAM of buying a piece of technology without consulting him first because he always has the scoop on what’s best. For Christmas, he got me an incredible pair of wireless bluetooth headphones that are INCREDIBLE. I am obsessed. If you are in the market, they are called Bluedio R+ Legend and they make Beats by Dre sound like earbuds. Plus, they are blue and shiny. :-)

3. What I’m currently reading- “Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?” And Other Conversations About Race. d662c75a-1c79-490e-8355-dc0bcb1eb016In the school district I work for, there are 3 classes you have to take within your first 3 years of teaching. Next week I am starting one that talks about diversity in the classroom and this is the book we are using.

4. I am honestly still debating whether I will watch the Superbowl or not. It’s funny, around here it definitely seems like football season is 100% over because we are all in denial that the Patriots won’t be playing on Sunday.

5. I did a little shopping at TJMAXX this week.8bc3608b-00af-4b22-a24e-c46db59004c6

What sparked the spree was my wonderful husband somehow ripping a massive hole in our down comforter while making the bed. It looked like we murdered 1000 unsuspecting chickens. Feathers everywhere. So I ran to TJMAXX with a gift card and found a bed set I really liked. We were also in desperate need of a new laundry hamper, since the one we were using had been with us since college and had wires sticking out of it that cut me every time I did laundry. Then on my way out I found this love canvas on clearance for $12 and it found its way into my cart. 😉shopping


6. Slowly but surely getting faster!


Ok, I’m gunna make some hot cocoa ! Enjoy the day. :-)

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My New Playlist

Hola! How’s it going? Today is my last day of the week in the classroom because I am attending a Technology In The Classroom conference tomorrow. Yes, it will still be a 7-3 work day, but I am excited to be the student and not the teacher. People vastly underestimate how exhausting teaching is and how difficult it is to be “on” for 7 hrs a day. I am looking forward to just sitting back and listening instead of the one doing all the talking!

With my new daily routine, I was wayyyy overdue for a new playlist. Let me just say that I have been running on a regular basis for….6 years now and I still HATE IT. I count down the seconds until I can stop. I need to distract all of my senses to get through my 30 minute runs at the gym. I mean, I have the tv on for my eyes, and music blasting in my ears. I need to deprive my senses of what’s happening so I don’t accidentally realize I’m running and decide to stop. Or worse,  hear my own breathing. UGH There are few things worse for asthmatics than being cognizant of your breathing and it sends me into panic mode.

So here is a look at my new gym playlist- 8 songs, 30 minutes.

Ship to Wreck-Florence + The Machine

High Dive- Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness

Wolves Without Teeth- Of Monsters And Men

Walking On A Dream- Empire of the Sun

Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots

2 Heads- Coleman Hell

Electric Love – Borns

Crystals- Of Monsters And Men

Nolan has really gotten me into alternative music this year. It’s my favorite Pandora station! It has the perfect beat for running, not too fast or slow, and it pumps you up while keeping you calm, if that makes any sense. Right now I am working on consistent running. I have always been a run-walk- person but lately I have put the focus on my stamina. This playlist is pretty consistent tone wise and has really helped me persevere through my 2 1/2 miles. Yes, I know 2 1/2 miles is NOTHING to most people but it’s perfect for me.  :-)




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WIAW {02/01/16}

Hello there! How has YOUR week been going? Mine has been great so far-3 days to go! The weather has just been incredible which has been putting me in a great mood. It’s also exciting to see the hours of daylight getting longer and longer, reminding me that spring is only a few weeks away!!! Ok, onto the food.


Breakfast this week has been delicious, thanks to some weekend food prep. I made up a dozen little egg muffins and have been popping them with my morning coffee. I steamed some veggies (broccoli, orange pepper, tomato, red onion) and tossed them in muffin tins. I topped each with a hunk of deli turkey and then poured a mixture of egg and milk over top. After 30 minutes in the oven, they were done.

20160131_194402 20160201_172647I have been seriously snacking on some grapes this week. As I have said, winter just sucks for produce. When I saw grapes red grapes were $1.50 /lb I grabbed a big bag and although they are little, they pack a sweet punch. Grapes are so addicting!20160131_200002While browsing Trader Joe’s last weekend I came across a new item- Sriracha hummus. Since I love all things sriracha at TJ’s (potstickers, ranch, popcorn, bbq sauce) I had to give it a try and I am hooked. Hooked! This hummus lasted about 36 hours. I did not feel like putting much effort into lunches this week so I have been throwing together turkey sandwiches and hummus platters with veggies and pita chips.

20160130_143856For dinner on Monday I whipped out this old favorite recipe that I hadn’t made in years! (I just love rereading old posts :-)) So we had baked buffalo chicken for dinner with a side of steamed broccoli & cauliflower, and rice pilaf.

20160201_174020I forgot how good and how simple this recipe is. Soaking the chicken in hot sauce before breading it really locks in the flavor, giving the chicken a moist spicy taste. YUM.


Nolan has been finding me some great movies to watch lately thanks to his mad tech skills. I watched Spotlight on Sunday and The Big Short on Monday night, while snacking on these. :-)


A sweet way to end the day!


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Fetuccini Carbonara

Hey all. How’s it going? I actually had a great day at work yesterday and I’m excited to have another school day in the books! This past weekend I did a LOT of sleeping. My body clearly needed some rest and I made sure to listen. That left me feeling pretty refreshed and ready to go Monday morning, which RARELY happens.

I am really loving the routine I’ve got going right now. I have been leaving work by 3:40, getting to the gym around 4, running my brains out, home by 5, start dinner, shower while it’s cooking, and serve dinner in time for Nolan to get home around 5:45. As frustrating as teaching can be sometimes, I love being able to work a full day, hit the gym, and be cooking dinner by 5 pm. Then I’m generally in a food coma by 6, and passed out on the couch by 10 but oh well. 😉

We have been trying some new to us meals lately because we tend to get into food ruts this time of year. One of my favorite pasta dishes to get when I got out for dinner is carbonara. There is a local Italian restaurant called La Cantina and their carbonara is the most delicious pasta dish I have ever had. While watching Food Network last week, I watched The Pioneer Woman make a carbonara and she made it look soooo easy. After that, I decided to try it myself and after some Pinteresting, I came up with a recipe that would work best for what I had on hand.It’s not the most photogenic meals, but man is it rich and delicious! I used some of the techniques I have been watching on Food Network while cooking this meal. The most important, is tempering eggs. I have learned over time that if you whisk eggs and then add them to a hot pan, they scramble. HOWEVER if you slowly add hot liquid to the eggs to bring them slowly up in temperature, they stay smooth and creamy. Who would have thought!? A VERY important step in this recipe.

carbonaraAs I said, this dish is really rich and sticks to your ribs. It’s decadent and creamy and come on, 20160123_184130it has pancetta! I used linguine as my pasta because it’s one of my favorite types and I didn’t add any chicken but I may next time. I will definitely need to make this more often, especially because I seem to always have it’s main ingredients, eggs, half & half, (for my coffee) and wine on hand.

What are some dishes you love to get at restaurants? Have you tried recreating them at home?




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Monday Montage {2/01/16}

OMG it’s February! ….Which you completely wouldn’t know because it’s been 50+ degrees all weekend, with a high of 60 due on Wednesday! This was the first weekend in months that hasn’t been filled with rain or sleet so we took full advantage. Here are some snapshots from the weekend.


Celebrating being halfway through the school year!

Slowly getting my speed up!


Found this in the dumpster…accurately describes all of New England.


Casey the dog loving the dog park-snow has melted

PUMPED for the 50 degree weather we had all weekend!

Watched this Sunday night- must see, especially if you live in Mass.


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