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What I Ate Wednesday

Hi all! So something I have been loving to read on other people’s pages lately is What I Ate Wednesday! Basically you post everything you had to eat that day for all to see. So here it goes!

7:45 am


Ok its not pretty but it was delicious. Oatmeal is probably the least photogenic food there is! This particular batch was pb&j. I mixed in some pb and some blackberry preserves. This was accompanied by a cup of green tea and a to-go coffee!

10:50 am

Ok I realize that 10:50 is a ridiculous time to consume lunch, but that is the schedule my classroom is on!


A piece of leftover Must Go Pizza from last night’s dinner, and some mixed veggies.

1:00 pm snack


One of my new favorite flavors of Chobani- blood orange with some chopped up strawberries. I am happy to report that we are almost through our 6 lbs of strawberries we bought last week!!

4:30 pm. Snack # 2

I didn’t photograph this one, but it was 2 giant handfuls of goldfish 🙂

7:00 pm Dinner

Nolan (my fiance) went to Cheeseboy for lunch today. They messed up his order and when he took it back they gave him one for free, and it became my dinner!


This is their “healthy melt” which consists of roasted red peppers, spinach, and  light swiss cheese, on multigrain bread. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM

That completes my WIAW! I will probably nibble at something before bed. Shhh 🙂

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