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Poolside Bliss

Good morning!  It is a beautiful summer day today with a manageable temperature! I don’t think my frizzy hair and burnt skin could have handled another 90+ day. Here is yesterday’s FOOD FUN & FITNESS snapshot. 🙂


I packed a lunch today for a day at the pool with Kara.

Tuna salad which we ate with saltine crackers. It was too hot to cook anything so this was a perfect poolside lunch.

I also brought some chopped veggies and hummus.

I may have also sipped on some homemade sangria…


I spend all day at the pool and all night at Brian’s baseball game!

In between the pool and the game the skies opened and it poured for about a half hour resulting in this…

So pretty.

Brian’s team is in the World Series and Chris will be helping out and coaching for the series.


Brotherly love on first base. 🙂

The best part of my day? I didn’t spend a dime!


I met Kara at the gym in the morning but I was severely lacking energy. I ended up doing 15 minutes on the elliptical followed by 10 minutes with the hand bike before I called it a day. I was a bit disappointed but some workout is better than no workout at all.


Enjoy the sun!

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