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The Little Plant That Could

Hey all. Happy hump day!  I have had a pretty busy day!

  • Breakfast:

Special K, an orange, and coffee courtesy of my Keurig.

  • I had a few odd jobs this morning and again this evening. $$ in the bank!
  • I picked up my shoes for Kara’s wedding

So pretty and they fit perfectly!

  • I had my final wedding dress fitting today. The dress is done and it fits like a sexy white beaded glove!
  • I have had a large gigantic zucchini in the fridge for about 2 weeks now and I finally put it to good use!

Zucchini pizzas!! I just sliced that big boy up, lathered on some sauce and topped it with fresh basil leaves and American cheese!

Remember that tomato plant I put on the balcony like 2 months ago? Yea, neither did I. So predictable. HOWEVER my little plant-that-could defied the odds.

One little cherry tomato. And it was delicious! haha See Nolan, I don’t kill EVERYTHING…… :-/

  • I gave in to a very guilty pleasure. DO NOT JUDGE. (This means you Kara!)

Rented from the library. Free Fun! Now I will not disclose how many episodes I have already watched but I promise (mom) that it hasn’t slowed me down from my current searches. I always forget that the library rents free DVD’s and CD’s.

Ok… the Girls are calling lol


What is your guilty pleasure?

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