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I Survived Sandy

Morning everyone. We survived the storm!

It was kind of a weird day. We basically just sat around, ate and watched Halloween movies. The storm didn’t really show it’s face until 3pm and was a lot more subdued than we expected. We lost power for all of 2 minutes but others in our area lost power for hours thanks to downed trees. The wind was crazy!

We safely watched from the balcony with popcorn in hand.

For dinner, Nolan and I defrosted some steaks to cook on our new grill! One of our friends gave us a Weber grill for a wedding present and we have been dying to use it. Today seemed like as good a day as any.


Right after eating, the rain and wind subsided and the skies started to clear up…..and then we lost power. What?! Absurd. i immediately lite all my candles, and grabbed a deck of cards.


Nolan humored me for about 20 minutes and then he threw in the towel and went to bed. He has no tolerance for power outages.


About an hour later the power came back on. However there were so many trees down and so many still without power that school was cancelled again!!!
4 day weekend! I am not 100% sure what I am doing today, but this morning Nolan and I (his work still has no power) are meeting up with his sister and her boyfriend for breakfast.

Enjoy the day


Were you affected by Sandy?

What did you have for breakfast today?


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