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Baked Buffalo Chicken

If you have been reading SLF for any length of time, you know Nolan’s passion for buffalo chicken. It’s a deep passion, one which I would never dream of competing with. If he could have married buffalo chicken, he would have, as I would have married Rob Thomas if the opportunity presented itself. …Kidding….. 😉

 Anyway, about 4 yrs ago we were living in Westfield while finishing school and there was really nothing to do out there but cook and mess around with new recipes and ingredients. I gained 15 pounds that year.

One of the recipes that we created is baked buffalo chicken.

template recipe.jpg.jpg twp

Searing the meat first seals in the hot sauce with a nice ranch crust. It also keeps the chicken moist. It’s very different from any other recipe I have ever made or tasted. It certainly got me thinking about what modifications I could make and mix with eggs when coating chicken. 🙂

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