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Monday Montage

Hey all! How’s it going this morning? I had a pretty great weekend but I’m actually a bit excited it’s Monday. In 3 days I will begin my 60 day vacation and I’m very eager to get started!  I didn’t take many pics this weekend but here are some highlights. 🙂


This weekend I did a lot of cooking, as usual…



And lots of fishing


Bit off all my nails watching some hockey…

I got addicted to a new-to-me show

Enjoy the day!


Question of the Day:

Lemonade or ice tea?

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  • Shari June 24, 2013, 12:04 pm

    ICED TEA!!! I could easily drink a gallon or more in a day. Unsweet of course. It’s an obsession (luckily one of my better for me obsessions lol).

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