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Flavor of the Week: Pizza Puffs

This week’s favorite flavor of the week was a new recipe I tried out which I am calling pizza puffs!

Last week I was searching pinterest for some foodspiration. I wanted to make a yummy appetizer for a Bruins get together and I was fresh our of ideas. I finally came across a mini pizza recipe that sounded fun and easy enough to make. I also had 90% of the ingredients on hand, which is always a plus!

The recipe is as follows:

I made sure to buy one of those roll out dough so that step 2 would be extremely simple.
I decide to make 3 different pizza puffs. I did some veggie with sauteed red peppers, onions, and mushrooms, some Hawaiian with hunks of pineapple and thin sliced deli ham, and of course, a big batch of buffalo chicken.

PicMonkey Collage

For the buffalo chicken puffs, I just got a 10 oz can of chicken, and dumped in a lot of buffalo sauce. Very simple.
The trickiest part of this recipe is getting the dough-topping ratio correct. You need enough toppings to stuff each puff, but if there is too much stuff, the dough will rip or explode in the oven.




IMAG5926My advice would be to keep the dough cool while you are stuffing. I did this on my stove top while the oven was preheating and the heat from the oven softened the dough a bit too much and made folding it and pinching it closed very difficult. I actually ended up having to throw a few squares away because they were just soo mushy.

By the second batch I really had the rolling method down and they came out looking great!

Looks a bit like a Bertuccis roll, doesn’t it?!
When you bit inside, the sauce, melty cheese, and yummy toppings came oozing out and it was like biting into a fancy pizza bite! I served them up with marinara sauce for dipping, and fat free ranch for the buffalo checked bites.

I was soooo happy with how these came out. I know that the next time I make them they will be even better, now that I have a rolling tecnique down! 🙂


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