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Flavor of the Week: Japanese Cuisine

Good morning all, and happy Friday! I have had some great eats this week from steak to shrimp, but yesterday I had some of my favorite flavors of the week!


This week’s favorite flavor is thanks to  Oga’s Japanese Cuisine. My friend Matt and I were searching for a new sushi restaurant and I think we found it! Oga’s is a Japanese restaurant on route 9 in Natick, MA. From the outside, this place doesn’t look like much.

But the atmosphere inside tells a different story.


We started with an appetizer of Kamo Roast -Roasted and stewed duck with scallion, hoisin sauce, and pancake.



It came in a deconstructed form, and we think this is what we were supposed to make.



At first I wasn’t sure how good it would be because everything was served cold, which I thought was odd…That is until I took a bite! The duck was delectable without a bit of toughness. The sauce that it came with was almost like a bbq sauce and soy sauce combined. It was the perfect topping for the meat and it married all the ingredients together. I felt like I was eating a sushi taco!

My only complaint about sushi restaurants is that outside of the traditional rolls (spicy tuna, unagi, Alaskan roll, Philadelphia roll) the special rolls either sound unappetizing, or too expensive. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it not the case at Oga’s!  When it came time to order, we chose 4 different rolls with 4 different types of seafood to split.

Roll #1:

  • *Poke Maki -White Tuna, Tomato & Radish Sprouts topped w/ Onion, Strings of Red Pepper, Sesame Oil & Shiso Dressing


 This roll was very fresh tasting, but it didn’t wow me. I would have like the sauce to have had a little kick to it.

From Left to right:

  • Roll # 3: Spider Maki -Soft Shell Crab Tempura, Avocado, Cucumber & Flying Fish Roe w/ Spicy Mayo

  • Roll #4: Scorpion Maki-Eel, Avocado, Cucumber & Flying Fish Roe covered w/ Shrimp

  • Roll #2: B – 29 Maki- Salmon rolled w/ Crab Stick, Avocado, Cucumber, Scallions & Flying Fish Roe, in a Double Layer Tempura Roll



The Spider Maki came stuffed with a great ratio of crab tempura and veggies. The spicy mayo was a perfect complement to the tempura and it gave the roll a great kick!


The Scorpian Maki was a twist on the typically unagi avocado roll, which I always order. It typically comes with an additional strip of avocado on top but this roll was topped with shrimp! So cool! It is easily the best eel roll I have ever had!


The B-29 roll might have been my favorite. Stuffed with crab, salmon, and veggies there were sooo may flavors in every bite. This was different from anything I had had before because it was a “double layer tempura roll.” From what I saw and tasted, the inside roll was made, and then fried and then the outside layer of rice was added. This gave the roll a layer of tempura, and a great texture and crunch! I don’t typically go for cooked rolls, but I am so glad I ordered it!


It was a phenomenal meal and for all 5 dishes the bill came to $50! Not bad at all, especially for such great quality and quantity. It will certainly not be the last time  I eat here!

Question of the day:

What’s the best thing you ate this week?

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