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Getting An Early Start

Good morning/almost afternoon. No I have not been sleeping all morning, I actually got up around 6 to do some fishing with my brother. We both caught a bass but nothing too exciting. And it was pretty freezing out there on the water! It’s only supposed to be about 65 degrees today which I am actually not complaining about. It feels like fall is making an early start. 🙂 We made sure to hit up Dunkin Donuts before we hit the water and it was definitely a hot coffee morning.

I brought along a mini bar to satisfy my taste buds.


The wonderful people at Simply Chopped sent me a huge pack of their snack bars to try. I got about 5 different flavors and I have already put a nice dent in them. 🙂 They are a bit more calories than I’d like, but there are 2 squares in each pack, around 100 calories each.


They are really filling and this particular one had a nice chewy consistency.

By the time I got home from fishing Nolan was off to work and I was starving from my 3 hrs at sea.

IMAG6274I threw together another egg scramble (1 whole egg, 2 egg whites), with spinach, salsa, and cheese. I’m loving salsa eggs right now!  I was also so siked to see that grapes were .99 lb this week!

Since it looks like this outside today….


…I think its gunna be a computer and couch day. I have lots of Tasterie stuff to do, and about 50 emails to respond to. Our company is undergoing some majorly exciting changes which means a bit more work for the time being, but luckily I don’t have much else going on this summer. 🙂 Tonight we are having a friend over for dinner, who always appreciates our culinary skills, so I have a few recipes up my sleeve to attempt later on this afternoon. Wish me luck!

Oh! Don’t forget, you have until noon tomorrow to enter my giveaway.


I will be selecting a winner on my birthday tomorrow! How nice am I? It’s MY birthday and I’m giving YOU a present?  LOL enjoy the day.

Question of the Day:

Chicken or Pork?

Pork or Beef?


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