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Blueberry Pie Recipe

Morning all.

Well, we didn’t make it to the grocery store yesterday. Instead I spent the afternoon with this little cutie. 🙂

IMAG6318Needless to say, making diner last night was….interesting. I used up some leftover pasta from chicken parm night, threw in some frozen veggies, and used the yellow cheddar cheese packet I had from Riega Foods.

IMAG6009Angel hair mac & cheese!



Ghetto but effective.

Since I have plans this evening, I don’t see a trip to the store in our immediate future, so I will have to pull a MacGyver again tonight.


Last week I conquered a culinary feat. Ok, it wasn’t THAT impressive, but for me, successfully baking a pie was a milestone. I often joke about my lack of baking skills. I have never been one to follow a recipe to a T or really measure ingredients, so you can see where the issues lie.

I had about 2 containers of blueberries that were starting to get a little too ripe, so I decided to put them to good use. After searching the web for recipe ideas, I finally found a blueberry pie recipe that I thought I could prepare successfully.


recipesmAs you can see from the simplistic recipe, there is very little chance to screw this up, which is a trait I search for in a recipe. There are only 5 ingredients, all of which I had on hand, and I used a pre-made crust of course. You literally just throw all the ingredients into one bowl, mix, and pour into a crust. Easy peasy.

pieUsing a pizza cutter, I even made a crisscross top crust for this pie to give it a homemade feel. It also made it look badass.


The pie tasted great. It wasn’t too dry or crumbly, which is what I always fear when baking. Even Nolan ate some! He always loves my cooking, but he generally stays 100 feet away from my baked goods….Unless he’s playing with them.

Since it came out so well this will probably be my base pie recipe. The filling possibilities are endless when it comes to fruit pies!

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite kind of pie?

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