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Banana Muffins

So apparently my cooking funk is over,  just like that! When I woke up yesterday and saw these in the fridge….


I immediately got to work making these.


I have to admit that part of my funk was due to the broken disposal that has been haunting our kitchen all summer. It made doing dishes a nightmare because the water  in the sink wouldn’t drain for hours and after a while the entire apartment just smelled like moldy food. Pretty damn unappetizing. Fortunately, I married a man with a broke nose, and no stench is too strong for him.

(Nolan circa 2005 as a non-smelling super hero)

So with rubber gloves, lots of patience, and a wrench,  my superhero fixed the disposal! haha

Anyway, after surveying the cabinets and seeing what we had on hand, I threw together a pretty simplistic muffin recipe that came out so well! Now when I say “threw together” I don’t mean I am all knowing and knew exactly how much of each ingredient I needed, I mean I looked online at a few different recipes to get an idea of what I needed and how much and tailored it to what I had on hand.


As I said, the recipe is pretty simple, and in just a few short minutes  I had a delicious breakfast.


The batter was thicker than any batter I have used before. It was like a bread batter, thick but airy. Most recipes I found called for 1/3 cup butter, but since I wanted to keep it on the lower cal side, I substituted SOME of the butter with Greek yogurt. This always sounds like a great idea, but I have had many baking projects fail because my ratios were off. I was pumped when I peaked into the oven and saw these babies rising. Score one for the Sullivan Kitchen!  I guarantee no one will be playing hockey with these muffins. 😉

After an afternoon run with Brian, I was still in the mood to make some magic in the kitchen. We are currently in that awkward stage between a full fridge and “omg we need to go shopping” so most of my typical lunch favorites weren’t an option.  Instead, I decided to pull together some leftovers and make a soup.


Tuesday night I had made penne for dinner with steamed carrots and there was a lot leftover. That combined with some bonus chicken, a can of beans and some frozen veggies made a pretty great soup in about 20 minutes time.  I’m telling you, frozen veggies are a lifesaver. I ALWAYS have a bag of my favorite medley from Shaw’s and a bag of frozen spinach on hand. This also gave me the opportunity to try out some new broths.


I used the chicken for this soup and it was really great. It’s low sodium, gluten free, and has no trans fats. It has a lot of natural flavor, which is typically absent from the bouillon cubes I use. I’m not going to lie, I had about 4 bowls of soup yesterday.

The kitchen will get a little break today because I have yet another sushi date with my friend Matt! I’m really siked because we are going to a place I have never been to but I have heard great things. AND I have a coupon lol. Horray for discount sushi. 🙂

Enjoy the day!

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