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Flavor of the Week: Maki!

Yes, another favorite flavor of the week about sushi! I think this is the 3rd of the summer, but OMG it’s just soooo good!


This time Matt and I went to a new-to-me place called Feng in Hudson Ma, which is apparently his go-to sushi place.  And now I understand why!

Feng sushi, Hudson

We went with our typical order of 4 rolls and an appetizer. We started with the Beef Gyoza, which are fried dumplings. They were good, but I think the ones at Tenka were better.


I let Matt take the reins when it came to ordering because he had basically tried everything on the menu. Since we were able to go in the afternoon we got their lunch special which includes a salad and 3 rolls (any rolls on the menu) for $16 and then we got one of the specialty rolls for another $15. One thing I loved about them right off the bat is that they allow you to choose any roll from the menu for your lunch special. Typically places like Aoi  offer a 3 roll maki combo but you can only choose from a short list of generic rolls. We CERTAINLY got our money’s worth with this deal.



Yes, there are sushi rolls under all those crunchy flakes!

PicMonkey Collage

Here are the descriptions of the rolls from best to least

Crazy Saki Roll-Crunch salmon with caviar roll topped with king crab torched creamy sauce and crunch on top.

Queen Maki-Spicy crunch tuna roll topped with salmon served with chef’s special wasabi sauce and wasabi caviar

Spicy Tuna

Dragon Roll-Eel cucumber roll topped avocado and caviar.

Every roll was delicious, and I was especially impressed with their spicy tuna because they actually add those crunchy pieces IN the mix so it had a ton of texture.  The best part? We found a $15 for $30 worth of food coupon so ….


$10 for 3 special rolls, a salad, a regular roll, and an appetizer. Oh, and a coke. Crazy right?!?!  It’s definitely the best quality sushi I have had for such a fantastic price. I would certainly go back again even without a coupon because that lunch deal was just so great!

Now it’s your turn to share your favorite flavors of the week! Here are a few of my favorites that readers shared from last week.

Everything but my Blue Suede Shoes Ice Cream


Life Currents’ Breakfast Taquitos

Our Little Family Adventure’s Pork Spring Rolls

Pork Spring Rolls

La Cucina Prima Donna’s Fusilli with Sausage, Ramps and White Wine

And Yesterfood’s Chocolate Pudding with pie crust dippers

Thanks to everyone who shared their recipes and flavors on facebook. I host my “favorite flavor of the week” parties every Friday! Link up!

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