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The Last WIAW of Summer

Morning! How is everyone this morning? I am actually on my way out the door for a few school meetings. Our school doesn’t go back until AFTER Labor Day, but today and tomorrow are our teacher prep days. I am actually really looking forward to going back and seeing everyone. Summer has been great but it’s definitely time to get back to work, order, and a healthy routine.  So with that, I give you the last WIAW of the Summer. Enjoy. 🙂



Peas and Crayons

Breakfast: IMG_0151

I couldn’t make up my mind about that flavors I was craving so I made myself a little breakfast sampler. 🙂  An egg scramble with 1 egg, 1 egg white, spinach, cheese and salsa, fresh cherries, 1/2 a banana muffin, and come celery sticks with peanut butter.

IMG_0153Some sweet, savory, and salty flavors to savor.



I had never tried the newer Chobani Flip before but they were $1 each at the supermarket so I finally gave them a try. The key lime one is DELICIOUS! I love the yogurt and I am now on a hunt for their regular key lime yogurt. The combo of toppings was perfect for this flavor, little pieces of graham cracker and mini white chocolate chips. I probably wont buy these again just because it’s way easier and cheaper to create my own. I am glad I tried it mainly because it opened my eyes to different topping ideas.  I will definitely be using graham crackers to top my Chobani, especially the lemon, honey, and vanilla flavors, and I never think to add chips of any kind, but I’m sure the raspberry, vanilla, and strawberry flavors would be even better topped with some mini chocolate chips! Lunch:

After a trip to the gym, I was craving something fresh and easy for lunch so a hummus plate emerged from the kitchen, complete with cucumbers, red peppers, carrots and more cherries!


Last month Nolan and I had dinner with my grandparents and my Nanny put together some serious eats!! I always assumed I got my passion for cooking from my dad, but she had me second guessing my genes. Nolan and I are in no way food snobs, but it can be hard to surprise us with flavors because we have tried and created so many dishes. However, her dinner left us a bit speechless because well, it’s rude to talk with your mouthful. At Nolan’s demand we left that night with two new recipes in hand, one of which I finally recreated at home.

IMG_0146 This pork tenderloin is the best pork I have ever had, hands down AND it was super easy because it was made in the crock pot! I am so siked to be in possession of this recipe and this dish will certainly be in our dinner rotation. I will be posting the recipe soon.  I served it up with a seasonal favorite of mine, zucchini and summer squash. I will be sad to see these go at the end of the season.



Since I bought like 3 pounds of cherries at the store this week I decided to put them to good use!


Yup! That’s two successful pies in a row! I am beyond proud of myself and very happy with the outcome.


I will also be posting this recipe soon! It’s pretty simple, not too unhealthy, and absolutely scrumptious.

Enjoy the day!

Question of the Day:

What is the best thing you have eaten this week?


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