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The Best Sauces To Buy

With summer coming to an end I wanted to put together a collection of my favorite summer sauces. Nolan and I are always looking for new marinades and sauces to try, and I feel like we have tried them all. Sometimes with so many choices in supermarkets today it can be a bit overwhelming. With that said, we have some favorite and here are the top 5 sauces we recommend you try!

The best bbq sauce:


Bull’s Eye has a number of flavored bbq sauces and all of them are delicious. This brand isn’t too thick or sweet, and it has a great balance or flavor. I think the Kansas City sauce is my favorite, and it goes great on pulled pork. Of all the bbq sauces we have cooked with, this is the one we buy the most, even if it’s not on sale.

The best General Tso sauce:



Yup, Trader Joe’s! Their General Tso sauce is INCREDIBLE! We have used it on wings, stir fry, and meatballs and it makes every meal delicious. If you are a fan of their Orange Chicken you MUST try this.

The best steak sauce

Well this basically goes without saying. Everyone love’s A1 sauce on steak, but they recently came out with a new “thick and hearty” sauce which is perfect for grilling. The traditional sauce, while delicious is a bit runny, and it’s better for dipping meat into rather than cooking in. This thicker version packs the same flavor, but it’s thickness really hold onto the meat and is perfect for grilling.

The best buffalo sauce


Buffalo chicken is basically a staple in the Sullivan household, and I think we have tried just about every buffalo sauce available. When it comes to hot sauce, this is where I taste the biggest difference between brands. Many differ in consistency, acidity, spice, and color. While Frank’s is what we buy the most, Nance’s is the best sauce we have bought. It’s a bit pricier than the rest, but it’s worth it. It packs some serious heat, but it doesn’t linger long after consumption. I hate when you feel like you have dragon breath 20 minutes after you ate something spicy.  The balance of spice and flavor is perfect and keeps you wanting more!

The best stir fry sauce

World Harbor’s Jerk Sauce has been a favorite of ours since college. Actually, we enjoy most of their marinades and cook with them often. But the Jerk is the best by far. Just the smell of this stuff gets my mouth watering and when you add it to chicken, peppers, and pineapple you cant go wrong. Try it. You’re welcome.

I hope this helps narrow down the many choices that are out there today. We have certainly tried many that we didn’t like and I want to help you avoid making that same mistake and wasting money on bad products.

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