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October Tasterie Boxes

Good morning all. Yesterday was another gorgeous fall day. I have officially polished off my second box of pumpkin oatmeal, and I am running on my last box of pumpkin k-cups. Tis the season.
Question: How do people keep their jack-o-lanterns for more than 1 week? For the FOURTH year in a row, my pumpkins are completely rotted after one week of carving. Like, there are village living inside of them. EW.

Anyway, this morning I wanted to give you guys an inside look at our October Tasterie Boxes! Here is what a gluten free October box looks like.

PicMonkey Collage
-Angies popcorn
– Indie Halloween Candy
-I’m Healthy fall Granola
– Really Great Foods Pancake Mix
– Sam Mills Pasta kit
-Apple Butter

I tried to get a few fall flavors into the boxes, while keeping in mind that not EVERYONE is a fall flavor loving freak like me. 🙂
I am anxious to get some feedback and see how our subscribers are enjoying their treats. I have been really enjoying my new role, and I have some great flavors planned for the holiday season. Once again, if you have any suggestions for great allergen free foods or recipes, please email me at savorlifesflavors@gmail.com Have a great day!

Questions of the Day:

Which candy are you most excited to get this Halloween?

Are you dressing up this year? As what?

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