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Flavor of the Week: Cookie Cocoa Butter


I cannot begin to describe the pleasures that ensue when consuming Trader Joe’s cookie butter.


It’s like a tingling feeling all over, almost like your insides are smiling. Your taste buds do a dance, your breath holds, and your heart skips a beat. I am gunna go ahead and say that the answer to every argument, the apology to every fight, and the un-hurting of every feeling can be found in this jar. Every Girl should have a jar of this in their cabinet. Peel the nutrition label off IMMEDIATELY, and stick it in the pantry for a crappy day. It is by far the best thing I have eaten all week (by the spoonful) and probably the best thing I have eaten all month. My only regret was not buying this sooner!

AND I just found this recipe that I should probably make ASAP before the jar is empty. 🙂

Cookie Butter Swirl Brownies


Here are some of the flavors my readers have been loving this week!

Bunny: Apple pie

Life Current’s: Snacky foods

Donna: Pizzettes

Margaret: Stew

Del’s: Pumpkin

The Hungry Belgian: Onion Soup

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