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Monday Montage: #53

 Morning all, and happy Monday. I am absolutely exhausted due to some late night baseball. These late night games are a killer! Basically everyone in New England is on edge and sleep deprived.

This week has been a sports lovers’ paradise here in Boston.  You cannot go anywhere without hearing sports talk and predictions and the whole commonwealth is in a superstitious state. Most nights there have been several games on at once, forcing us to rearrange the living room a bit.


We typically break out the bedroom tv on Sundays so that we can all watch Redzone and the Patriots at the same time, but it has come in very handy on all these double sports nights. We haven’t missed a thing. 🙂 Basically I am physically and emotionally exhausted this morning, I expect to feel this way through Thursday, the possible game 7 of the World Series.


Question of the Day:

How was your weekend?

What are your Halloween plans?

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  • Sasha White October 28, 2013, 4:14 pm

    go sox
    Go bruins
    Go pats
    We’re sourly to
    Live in the greatest city in the whole friggin world
    That’s what I savor
    Pomegranate Martinis on Sunday make for a bad Monday
    I’m going to nap and cheer my ass off tonight
    Going to stadium in southie
    Yahoo.. May even bring me home an Irish cutie

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