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Chicken Crock Pot Pie

Last week Nolan and I got a craving for chicken pot pie. We have made it several times but this time we decided to do something different. One of our favorite Phantom Gourmet sponsored restaurants is Harrows Chicken Pie. They are great at what they do, and there is something unique about their pies. They use shredded, almost pulled chicken which makes a huge difference in the taste and texture of each pie. We wanted to recreate their recipe, and I figured the crock pot was the best way to do it. We have countless recipes for pulled chicken and they always come out fantastic. Why not try the same thing for a pot pie?



crock pot pie*I prefer using canned potatoes for soups and pies because real potatoes leave a starchy film when they cook down.

Our pie came out hot, flaky and delicious. It was seriously the best I have ever tasted. I love Harrows, but they only put carrots in theirs and the extra veggies we added gives it sooo much more flavor and texture.

IMG_0518-1024x768The bottom crust basically fell apart so when you cut into it there was hunks of soggy crust throughout each serving, with pieces of crunchy, flaky top crust. It was perfect. Plus, with the shredded chicken, there was a much more consistent ratio of chicken/veggies/crust than when we use chunks of chicken. I will never make a chicken pie any other way.  Ever


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