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WIAW: Pulled Pork Pizza

Holy freezing! Ugh the last few days have been pretty damn cold here in Massachusetts. We even saw some snow flakes yesterday! Almost all the leaves have fallen and I am quickly switching into Christmas mode. Oh how much I love this time of year. I know it sounds corny but it’s so magical. Ok, enough chit chat, onto the food.

Peas and Crayons

Sadly, with the end of fall, my favorite Pumpkin oatmeal is gone and there isn’t a pack in site at Trader Joe’s. SAD! I have been trying to make up for it with my own hot breakfast concoction.


My mom introduced me to this granola from Special K and I absolutely love it. Less calories, great flavor and excellent texture. It goes really well on oatmeal, especially if you leave let it sit for a minute or two before eating it. And this cinnamon sugar grinder is amazing. I definitely recommend picking one up at TJ’s, especially for this time of year.

For lunch I kind of created something new. I was looking around other blogs for recipe ideas and I combined a few together. I took some bonus chicken out of the fridge, and threw it in the Ninja blender with dried cranberries, Laughing Cow cheese, 1 tbsp Miracle Whip, 1 tsp Caesar dressing, and 1 tsp raspberry vinaigrette.  It made a wonderful  cranberry chicken salad which I tossed with some shredded Brussels sprouts.

IMG_0568It was a delectable salad that I will certainly name again soon. I left some for Nolan and he used it to make a chicken salad wrap. I really need to start doing some food prep on the weekends. This would be the perfect thing to make in a big batch and savor throughout the week.

After my afternoon trip to the gym I was starving, but I didn’t want to spoil my appetite for the dinner I had planned so I snacked on a Key Lime Flip. These are becoming my favorite Chobani flavor!

IMAG6401For dinner I finally made a meal I had been craving since last week. I was planning to make it Friday but there was a slight change of plans. (girls night!) But finally, last night I made the pulled pork pizza!



I would never have thought to make this, but they were giving out samples of it at Trader Joe’s and I was hooked at first bite! Who would have thought, right?! I used our leftover pork from last week (don’t judge) with some Trader Joe’s Kansas City bbq sauce, and mozzarella cheese. The Trader Joe’s Ciabatta flatbread made the perfect crust for this pizza and successfully help all our toppings.

IMG_0572It was soooooooo delicious! I will forever use my leftover pulled meats to top my pizza. I ended up having two slices and Nolan polished off the rest of the pizza. There is no bigger complement than when someone devours your food. 🙂

Question of the day:

What has been the best thing you have eaten this week?



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