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WIAW: Sooo Much Turkey

Morning! How’s it going? Getting out of bed this week has been terrible. My school was actually closed this Monday for teacher meetings so I pretty much had a whole week off which has totally thrown off my sleep schedule. We are also entering a terrible teaching time. There are exactly 14 days (now 13) in between Thanksgiving and December vacation. It’s not enough time to start big projects, but too much time to just do some filler/busy work. And no one wants to be there. Teachers, kids, we are all miserable. I’m not being negative, just honest. Anyway, mornings are rough.

Before I  get to the food today, I have to share this photo. This is a car that I passed in traffic on Monday and yes, that is a giant (fake) turkey being cooked over a fire on their roof.


Um, what?!?! Yes. I just had to snap a picture. People are too weird.

Anyway, onto the food. Like everyone else in America, I have a fridge stuffed with turkey. We went to two Thanksgiving feasts this year and between the two houses we came home with enough leftovers to….well basically if there was a zombie apocalypse, we would be set for quite some time. I have been trying to come up with some creative ways to utilize all this turkey.

What I Ate on Thanksgiving


Turkey cheddar quiche. To be honest, this was basically a mix match of all the ingredients we had in the fridge. I used cubed turkey, diced onions, green peppers, tomatoes, 4 eggs, 1/3 cup skim milk, and topped it with some American cheese. After about 35 minutes in the oven the eggs set and it was time to eat!



Bacon turkey ranch salad

IMAG6802Pretty straight forward. Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, turkey, and fat free ranch. Protein, veggies, and fats. Very filling and actually pretty awesome. I’m not a huge salad lover, but add meat to anything and I will eat it.


I think this year we have begun a new tradition: Homemade turkey soup! I am a big soup lover and I have created many batches over the years. However, I have never completely made it from scratch, until now. After Thanksgiving dinner #1 this year, my aunt gave Nolan and I the turkey carcass because well, she knows how food crazy we are. It still had a decent amount of meat on it, and we decided to use it to make soup. We started by slow boiling the bones in a large double strained pot. Nolan had to do some….contortion-ing (not a word but w/e) to get the big guy to fit.


But eventually, we got him to fit!


We boiled the bones with chopped onions and celery stocks.


They boiled for about 7 hours and then we strained the stock. Into the pot went diced potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, and shredded turkey from the carcass. We cooked that down on low until the vegetables were tender, about another 45 minutes. I can honestly say, I will never go back! This soup was in-freeking-credible!!!! The flavor was so rich and deep and the smell flooded the house.

PicMonkey CollageLuckily we have enough soup to last the week. But would you believe that we STILL have about 8 pounds of leftover turkey meat?! Anyone have any recipe suggestions??

Have a great day!

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