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Monday Montage#56: Happy Festivus!

Happy Festivus everyone!

Festivus is one of my favorite holidays, not just because I am an extreme Seinfeld fan, but because Festivus was the day that Nolan proposed two years ago. (Can you tell from the picture that we had been crying a bit??)

386271_673297035635_45403344_34232981_1073312926_nAnyway, with two days to go before Christmas I still have a lot of shopping and cooking to do and my motivation is pretty low. I would much rather spend my day on the couch watching holiday movies instead of battling holiday crazies at the mall. But, it needs to get done, so off I go. Here is a quick wrap up of this weekend.


Mom and I had our annual Jose Cuervo Wrap-a-thon on Friday! This is one of my absolute favorite holiday traditions where we get together and wrap all of our Christmas presents while watching Dirty Dancing and enjoying some holiday cheer. Things got a little messy, but almost everything got drank wrapped. đŸ™‚

 unnamed (7)




This year, for the sake of the presents, I decided to whip up a little dinner to go with our holiday cheer. This appetizer platter was the perfect thing to serve my make-your-own taco salads! IMG_0639

Saturday was a gorgeous day! I took advantage of the weather and did some running outside!

unnamed (6)

unnamed (2)

Sunday was a pretty lazy day.  It was a grey rainy day and Nolan and I didn’t leave the couch! We spent the day watching football and ordered a pizza for dinner. Perfect, especially because the Pats won!

 Nolan took this week off, so we are in the process of getting our act together to go get some lunch and then finish up our Christmas shopping. Wish us luck!

Questions of the Day:

Are you done with your holiday shopping?

How was your weekend?


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