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Monday Montage: 12/30

Hello everyone. How are you this Monday afternoon? I am enjoying the last few days of my winter vacation and putting the finishing touches on our January Tasterie Boxes. I spent my morning at the gym, getting back on track after all those holiday eats. Here are a few snap shots from my week.


Santa came!


I was a total little kid on Christmas morning. Nolan told me I couldn’t wake him up until 9 which took forever to arrive.

But it was certainly worth the wait! This was the first year that I had NO IDEA what Nolan was getting me. Typically he tells me what my presents are or gives me “clues” which always give it away. This year was a complete surprise! I am so siked to finally have a volleyball set. And my Wilson Wilson ball?! AWESOME!


AND this beauty!  I have wanted a Yonanas for a while now and I can’t wait to try this! I am planning a trip to Trader Joe’s later on to buy some frozen fruit. 🙂

IMG_0660Nolan’s Christmas presents are always themed. Last year I got him a meat grinder, sausage gun, and sausage casings. This year I got him all the essentials to brew his own beer including a beer making class for two. 🙂 He has been talking about brewing beer for a while now so he is super excited.

IMG_0662We were both spoiled by our families and got lots of goodie including over $100 worth of Phantom Gourmet gift cards! We’ve already decided on a few restaurants to try with all our loot!  Nolan broke in his new deep fryer ( Christmas gift from his mom) and we had quite an unhealthy spread for the Patriots game on Sunday.


We also spent some QT with this little cutie.

I don’t go back to school until Thursday (pending the big storm we are supposed to get here Thursday through Friday) so I have a few days left to kind of de-holiday. Our apartment still looks like Santa threw up in it. I love having the Christmas lights and decorations up but I think I will spend some time taking them down today.

Enjoy the day!

Question of the Day:

How was your holiday?

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