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A Look Back At 2013

And another year has come to pass. Ever notice that the older you get, the faster the time goes? I swear the months get shorter and shorter every year. I took a look at my 2012 New Year post and the goals I had set for myself last year. Overall I think I’d give myself a D+. I didn’t fully accomplish my goals, but that’s because I was too busy accomplishing things I never dared to dream! (Positive attitude!)

  • Eat more animals- Nolan and I did the best we could this year and tried lots of new foods including deer. I hope to explore more game this year!
  • Try more diverse restaurants – Goal Completed!
  • Get healthier-eh, we still need help in this department!
  • Save save save- yea this one needs some work too….
  • Travel somewhere new- This year we went to two new places! Vermont, and Rhode Island.
  • Get rid of stuff we don’t need- I did get rid of the treadmill that took up 90% of our bedroom, but we still have a lot of “stuff” that should get thrown out. 

This was a pretty incredible year for me. It just felt different from those in the past. Nolan and I have been in the “real world” for 5 years now and this was the first year where I felt like an adult. This year I feel like our priorities changed a lot. We spent less time with friends, less time “going out” on Friday nights and spent a lot more time together and with our families. I made a lot of memories in 2013, but here are some of the things that happened this year that will stick with me forever.

We started off the year with our beer and food road trip to Vermont where we toured countless breweries and food factories.

One of the biggest and most exciting things to come out of 2013 was the birth of our new niece, Ava!

It really brought our whole family together in a new way and strengthened our relationships. It has been so fun and amazing to watch her grow and develop into a little person. 🙂

I caught this awesome bass!

Nolan and I had our 1 year wedding anniversary and spent an amazing weekend together in Providence. We went to the Roger Williams Zoo and attended Water Fire, which was such a fun experience.

I got to be in Boston when my Red Sox won the World Series!

I finally got my health issues under control and my thyroid is functioning well for the first time since February 2012

I ate a LOT of great foods and tried out countless new recipes.


FOODSBut the biggest thing to happen to me this year was becoming a part of Tasterie. I never could have imagined when I answered a simple craigslist ad looking for an “enthusiastic foodie” how much my life would change.

PicMonkey CollageIn just 10 months I went from being  part time assistant to the CEO of an exciting company which has opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities! Since joining the team in February I have traveled to Chicago, New York, and next month I will get to visit San Francisco. I am so excited to see what the next year will bring and what opportunities will present themselves. No matter what they are, I plan to savor them all! What are your goals for 2014?



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