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Flavor of the Week: Bambi

* Please do not be offended by the title. I am a carnivore and not ashamed! This week my favorite flavor came from our Venison and Mushroom Stroganoff!


Nolan and I had been wanting to utilize the venison we had in our freezer and we were having difficulty agreeing on a recipe. (happens often) I took it out of the freezer thinking it was fish (it was wrapped in butcher paper and in a plastic bag the same way we package our cod) so we had no choice but to use it. After some searching we found and recipe we both agreed on and the stroganoff was born!  * You may substitute ground beef or turkey in this recipe.



Not photogenic but delicious!

IMG_0698Venison is a very lean meat, so I allowed Nolan to cook it in a little margarine to give it some fat and flavor but it didn’t need much seasoning. After it was done cooking it had made a great broth that I didn’t drain. I wish I could have bottled it, it was that good!


Here are some of my readers’ favorite flavors of the week. Please come by and share your favorites on my facebook page!

California Country Gal- Blueberry Muffins

Bunny- Chocolate Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls

Katerina- Brussels Sprouts and Mushroom Salad

Off the Cutting Board- Chicken Soup

Enjoy the day!

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