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Lolita Tequila Bar

There are some culinary experiences that you will always remember. Whether it is eating at a fun and interesting new restaurant, trying a new recipe that comes out perfect, or just taking a bite out of something delicious. I recently had an incredible experience that I NEED to share!

On Saturday night I headed into Boston to celebrate a friend’s birthday at Lolita Tequila Bar.  I was soooo excited to finally try this restaurant because I have been drooling over their food featured on the Phantom Gourmet for years.

Lolita Tequila Bar

When you first walk into Lolita, you feel like you are in a vampire lair. The decor is completely black and red with candles, cast-iron, and red lights throughout the bar. It has a very provocative feel.

Picture-13We started the night with a round of drinks which were almost too pretty to drink.

When we got our table, our waiter brought over something eye popping! This grapefruit granita is used as a palate cleanser and it’s served over dry ice so the smoke filled the table. He then asked if we wanted a complementary shot of tequila poured on top, to which we unanimously said yes. Free tequila?!


THEN he came back over with a giant basket of complementary chips and not just ordinary salsa but a trio of dipping sauces! There was a green tomato and chili salsa that  was a bit sweet, a chipotle cheese sauce that packed a little punch, and a more traditional tomato based salsa. Again, this was all free. I felt like I was cheating on Nolan, being there without him and I kept thinking “I need to bring him here.”

Chips-And-Salsa-W900h600For dinner, I really wanted to try something different and I wasn’t craving traditional Mexican food. I decided to go with one of their appetizers as my meal and ordered the ahi tuna tostada-pepita crusted ahi tuna on a crisp corn tortilla with spinach, avocado, watercress & chipotle. Just like the drinks, it looked too beautiful to eat but too good to pass up!

img_5624The tuna was cooked perfectly and all the flavors really came together in a fantastic way. It was spicy and savory and salty and the corn tortilla was the perfect complement to the raw fish. I think I demolished this thing in about 4 minutes flat! I kept thinking that these ingredients would also make an incredible sushi roll! A chipotle crusted tuna and avocado roll with a tortilla crumble on top. YUM!

Just when I thought the meal couldn’t get any better, my new best friend out waiter brought over this.



Yes folks, this is complementary cotton candy. But not just any cotton candy! This is sour apple cotton candy sprinkled with cherry Pop Rocks. Yes, I said POP ROCKS! This was the absolute perfect ending to this crazy culinary experience. In addition to the great food, the service was excellent and our food only took about 15 minutes to come! It also wasn’t that expensive. Specialty drinks on average range from $10-$12 and beer was $5. My meal was $13, which is cheap for tuna and most entrees were less than $20 which is reasonable considering we were in the middle of the city.  So, if you live in the Boston area or are here visiting, you HAVE to try Lolita’s Tequila Bar in Copley Square.

Question of the Day:

What is the most exciting food experience you have had?






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