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Stuffed Italian Garlic Bread Recipe

1 day down, 4 more to go! Sorry, I am a little eager to get through this week because next week is VACATION WEEK! Ohhhh February vacation has perfect timing, as always. I have no real plans for my break, I just plan on doing lots of cooking and trying out a few new recipes which is the perfect week if you ask me. 🙂 Speaking of new recipes, here is one I HAVE to share, which I made on SuperBowl Sunday.

IMG_0772I would LOVE to take all the credit for this recipe, but truth be told it was inspired by a segment I saw on the Phantom Gourmet. There is a restaurant in Milford Massachusetts that created this delectable recipe, which is VERY simple to duplicate at home!

Stuffed Italian Garlic Bread Recipe


breeWhen this comes out of the oven, the cheese is melty, the pepperoni is hot, and the bread is crunchy on the outside but warm and gooey on the inside. I recommend dipping each piece in a little marinara sauce to complete the meal! It’s fun to eat, simple to make, and it looks really cool!


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