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WIAW: 2/12/14

Hey all. I’m real excited to share my eats with you all today! At the beginning of this year I shared that my goal for 2014 was to eat with more discipline and I am happy to say that I have lost 8 pounds and I feel fantastic, all while eating great foods.

Peas and CrayonsOn Sunday, I did a lot of meal prepping for the week. It makes it sooo much easier to pack my meals for the day, (which I do the night before) and to keep things balanced. One of the things I made this Sunday was a quiche to have for breakfast throughout the week.

unnamed (7)For this one I used 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 2 pieces of turkey bacon, and my veggies are spinach, mushrooms, and red bell peppers. According to My Fitness App each piece is around 150 calories.

unnamed (5)I also had a nice bowl of strawberries and blackberries. They weren’t fresh tasting, but what can you do. I seriously cannot wait until summer so I can actually get some decent tasting berries. I snacked on some homemade trail mix throughout the afternoon. This batch consists of Special K Cinnamon Pecan, dried cranberries, unsalted peanuts, and some white chocolate chips. Yummmmmm!

unnamed (6)Lunch was pretty normal, 1/2 turkey sandwich, some sliced apple, steamed carrots and a cheese stick. Lunch is definitely the most boring meal of the day.

IMAG4475Has anyone else discovered the coconut Chobani?!?! O/M/G! It’s one of my new favorite flavors, along with peach. YUM! When I close my eyes and eat this, I almost forget bout the inches of snow outside. Almost. I snacked on this before leaving work for extra boost of protein before hitting the gym. Just what I needed.

unnamed (8)Dinner was a new creation for us. Last time we went grocery shopping, we were hungry. Always.A.Bad.Idea. Anyway, we ended up with a whole bunch of new stuff to try, one of which was this:

I am a big fan of lettuce wraps and Nolan is a fan of anything filled with meat so we decided to give these a try! Basically I pulsed the hell out of a boneless chicken breast in my Ninja blender, and cooked it in a skillet with this seasoning packet, 1/2 cup water, and a can of chopped water chestnuts. I found all of these ingredients in the Asian food aisle in our local supermarket, which I’m pretty sure all grocery stores have.

IMG_0758I served them up on a giant leaf of Romaine Lettuce. Ok, these were ridiculously simple to make and such a nice change of pace for us. The flavors were incredible and yes, a bit messy.

IMG_0760This week, challenge yourself to try something new! Whether it’s a new recipe, a new ingredient, or that dish on the menu you always think to order but never do, give a new flavor a chance this week!

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