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Random and Scrambled

I have been soooo out of it this week. (So please forgive the potential randomness of this post.) You ever have those days where your brain just feels scrambled? Well I have had 3 in a row! I have been forgetful, confused, and just off. For example, Monday I got to the gym, opened my bag and realized I forgot my sneakers. Tuesday, after putting my shoe in the bag I once again got to the locker room and this time, I forgot a hair elastic AND a shirt. Really?! I did have a fleece jacket with me and a sports bra so instead of calling it a day and going home I went across the street to Cushing Park and went for an outside run.

outsideIt felt so good to get some fresh air. It’s supposed to be about 55 degrees today so I am hoping to enjoy another outside run. AND tonight the spring session of volleyball starts! For 3 years now I have been playing rec volleyball at a local tech school every spring and fall. Each session is 8 weeks long and we play every Thursday from 6:30-8:30. It’s such a fun way to get in some exercise and I love the competition. I work out about 4 times a week and it’s a great way to relieve stress but nothing compares to the rush and adrenalin I get from playing a competitive sport.  Yea, I’m pretty excited for tonight. 🙂

Last night’s dinner was awesome.

IMG_0880Panko crusted cod, lemon garlic asparagus, and couscous. Cod was another fun sale we came across this week at $4.99 lb so we stalked up. I really wish we could afford to eat seafood more often because it’s one of my favorite flavors -aside from steak of course!

Do any of you watch the show Psych? It’s one of our favorite shows and sadly it was recently cancelled, mid season. There are only a few episodes left and we have been savoring them each Wednesday. (told you this post may be random)

I am pretty excited for tomorrow night! I, along with many of my friends and Nolan, am going to the Extreme Beer Festival in Boston! There will be over 250 beers to try, ranging in alcohol % and type. I am a big beer lover so this should be a blast. Personally I love a good I.PA. but I am looking forward to trying out many different brews.

Extreme Beer Fest

Ok, enough of my random rant.  Have a great day!


-Ever have one of these days?

-Do you prefer running inside or outside?


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