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Monday Montage: #67

Hi all. How was your weekend? I know I’m a day late and a dollar short, but this weekend was all about relaxing for me. I did a LOT of eating, but believe it or not I didn’t even take my laptop out of its case!

imagesFriday night I went to the Extreme Beer Festival as planned. WOW. What an amazing event this was. I got to try sooo many different kinds of beer, most of which I would never think to order or buy, or have the $$ to try. It got a little messy, but I was surprisingly sober by the time we had to leave. (We still took the train home just in case.)

I didn’t get out of bed until 11 on Saturday, after catching up on some MUCH needed sleep. I met Kara for lunch at Panera (gift card!) and then we did a little shopping.

unnamed (2)After shopping, I met Nolan at the dog park for what has become our Saturday afternoon walk at Callahan State Park!

unnamed (6)The snow is *almost* completely melted!

After our walk we went out for an early dinner at Ten-Ichi for some sushi! (gift cards!)

sushiShortly after dinner I fell asleep on the couch…. lol. Great day. Fast forward about 11 hrs, I was up bright and early on Sunday morning. Nolan and I did a little bit of light grocery shopping, and went to subway for lunch. (yet another gift card!) I got the black forest ham and cheese on a flat bread with all veggies except olives and jalapenos.

unnamed (1)After some serious couch time, and watching 3 of the Twilight movies on tv, we headed over to my sister in law’s house for dinner.

1907284_979737266955_1702142775_n*Best friends*

We brought over homemade Italian bread pizzas for dinner since they cooked for us last weekend. Delish!

pizzasBy the end of the week I was pretty full. I didn’t do any meal prep this weekend because we have lots of leftovers and odds and ends that need to get eaten before they go bad. I did however throw together a fruit salad and some trail mix to snack on throughout the week.prepSo that’s it in a nutshell. What were you up to this weekend? Do any food prep?

Catch ya later.





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