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WIAW: #68

This week I was back to my old culinary self! I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend making tasty meals to enjoy throughout the week.

wiawRecently I have been drooling over the banana bread that everyone seems to be eating lately so I decided to make something new. I love banana bread but I have a hard time controlling myself with portions, so to save me some guilt and calories I decided to make banana bread scones!

IMG_0891These may be the best scones I have ever made! I will be sure to share the recipe tomorrow. A little later I snacked on some celery and Pretzel thins.

IMAG5652This week’s lunch has been vegetable soup! The rainy weekend had me craving soup, something light and springy so I went to the store and bought whatever seasonal vegetables I could find.


IMG_0896Yummmm! It’s definitely been hitting the spot this week.

My typical pre-workout yogurt!IMAG4649I am sooo excited about last night’s dinner. A few weeks ago I mentioned that Nolan and I have been having taco Tuesdays!  I have been looking for new ways to enjoy this weekly tradition and this week I tried something new, fish tacos! I used cod because that’s what we had on hand, and I carefully selected the perfect toppings.

IMG_0919I breaded one side of the cod with chipotle panko breadcrumbs and baked it for about 20 minutes.  My toppings included diced bell peppers, red onion, avocado, Trader Joe’s Corn salsa, and fresh lime juice.  I couldn’t wait for Nolan to get home before I dug right in! Holy cow.

IMG_0920I was siked for Nolan to come home and try these because they were just incredible! I mean let’s be honest, I could eat this corn salsa with a spoon but on top of chipotle lime fish with fresh veggies? Amazing. It was such a fun and different way to enjoy taco Tuesday while taking in some healthy fats and protein. 🙂 

IMG_0922I love it when the dish I plan in my head tastes as good as I planned! 🙂

-What have you been eating lately?

-Salty or sweet snacks?

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