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Flavor of the Week: Sangria!

WOO HOO! Today is my first official day of vacation and I could not be more pumped. I have a lot to do today because tomorrow we leave for New Orleans!!! We are soo excited for the trip, but we are in no way ready to leave. Right now I am in the middle of 2 loads of laundry and I still have to pack, do the dishes, clean out the fridge, and clean up because we will have a house full of people here watching the Bruins first playoff game tonight! Alright, lets get to the food!


This week my favorite flavor was the sangria at Acapulcos, a Mexican restaurant chain in Massachusetts. This is one of my favorite places to unwind. It’s down the street from a school I used to work at and my coteacher and I stopped here frequently on Fridays. The owner always recognises us and makes sure we are well taken care of. Each time we go, our pitcher of sangria makes it’s way to the table before we even order it. It’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

After a long week, this refreshing and fruity beverage washes away all your worries. (in a non, alcoholic way lol) Paired with the salty chips and spicy salsa (which are free!!) it’s an amazing outing and an even better flavor! Last night we went back to our favorite spot to celebrate school vacation! Sangria always tastes better when you don’t have to work the next day. 🙂

Your turn!!! Stop by my facebook page and share your favorite flavor of the week! Write on my wall, share a recipe or ingredient, or link up a blog post. All are welcome! I will share them all on my page next week. :-)

-What is your favorite adult beverage?

-Any fun weekend plans?


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