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Bonus Day!

It’s amazing how much one day off can do. Yesterday was prefect. I was able to catch up on emails, blogging, and work stuff without wasting a weekend day. BONUS DAY!  Gosh I wish I had every Wednesday off. I would be so much more successful!


The first thing I did when I got up was prep the crock pot. I decided to go with this recipe which was easy enough to throw together.



While dinner began to cook, I channeled my inner housewife and did some much needed cleaning. Then I read a magazine and did some Tasterie research. It was such a gorgeous day but I couldn’t go too far because I had lots of laundry to do and we share facilities with the whole building which means you better get your laundry the second it’s done or someone will do it for you.


After lunch I met up with my friend Sarah at Sweet Spot for some frozen yogurt! At 75 degrees, it was the perfect day for a cold afternoon treat.


I went with half key lime and half coconut which made for a very refreshing cup! I topped it with chocolate sprinkles, white chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and mango bobas. It tasted like a tropical paradise! We sat for about an hour and chatted and by the time I got home dinner was done. Don’t you love when that happens?

IMG_1019 IMG_1020

It was just as good as I remembered!

To cap off the night, I finally rented That Awkward Moment from Redbox.

To be honest, it was just ok, like 5/10.

Alright, time to get moving. Have a good one!

-Would you rather: Eat a bag of chocolate chips of a bag of potato chips?

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