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WIAW: Farm Fresh

Goooood morning!!!  I’ll tell you, waking up in the morning is soooo much easier when you have nothing to do that day! Yes, school vacation is a pretty amazing thing.  So far I have done a lot of cleaning, some sun bathing, and a lot of cooking! The challenge has been trying to incorporate our farm share flavors into my everyday cooking to make sure nothing goes to waste and everything tastes great. Challenge accepted!!!

Peas and CrayonsNow that I have time to cook in the morning without rushing off to work I have been loving egg scrambles for breakfast. Last week’s farm share included cilantro and it’s pretty awesome in eggs with salsa, peppers and scallions.


I have been hitting the gym early in the morning, and these eggs give me a nice boost of energy in the morning!

Once I picked up my kale this week, I knew I wanted to make soup to enjoy for lunches this week. I headed over to Trader Joe’s for some key ingredients and kale and sausage soup was born!! (recipe to come)

IMG_1075To be honest, I don’t think kale has much of a flavor. It doesn’t. Throwing it in a soup is a great way to get some essential vitamins without even tasting it! It also adds some texture and some pretty green coloring.

I had some kale leftover from my soup, so I made a batch of kale chips o snack on. Ok, hear me out. Kale chips may sound sketchy but they are freaking delicious and I think the most simple thing to make. First, you rip the kale off the stem into bite sized pieces. Make sure it’s dry! Next, you lay them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. I spray them down with a coat of olive oil cooking spray, and then sprinkle them with sea salt. Bake them in the oven at 350 for about 12 minutes or until the edges get brown and enjoy. They are crunchy and salty and really satisfy that craving. Oh, and did I mention that kale has only like 10 calories per CUP!? If you haven’t tried these before, just do it.

IMG_1077I cannot stop snacking on these sugar snap peas and I am sorry to say they only made it 12 hrs in my house. 🙁 These sweet veggies are great already, but the satisfaction that I picked them myself makes them taste even sweeter.

IMG_1072After my cooking craziness, I had a few leftovers that I wanted to use in my dinner menu which included two chicken sausages and lots of greens. After a little bit of googling, I settled on a pasta dish with sausage and collard greens. Now, I have NEVER attempted to make collard greens before so I found some very basic cooking directions and included them in the pasta instead of making them a side dish so that they would be smothered in sauce and if they tasted bad, we would never know.

fooood(Unfortunately my camera died so I had to use my phone for these pics)

foodOnce again, the greens were pretty tasteless, but they made the dish look pretty and added a ton of nutritional benefits. In my googling, I discovered that these greens are very high in vitamins B, C, and K, they are extremely low in calories, and have a ton of fiber, folates, and iron.  Score!

Annnnnd I think my dessert pretty much speaks for itself!


-How are you incorporating summer flavors into your cooking?

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