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Flavor of the Week: Kale

Hey there and happy Friday!!

After my first full week into our summer farm share, I am happy to say that everything is gone and has been utilized in some way! I have used these new to me ingredients to create some pretty yummy meals, but my favorite ingredient and flavor this week has been kale.


Kale is not something I ever buy. I am always intimidated by the giant green leaves in the grocery store, and I’m never sure what I’m actually picking up. They all look the same to me! But after receiving an abundance of this green giant in this week’s farm share, I knew I had to utilize it as best I could.

I used it in soup…


…and I made some deliciously addictive kale chips.

IMG_1077After eating a handful of kale chips (that taste 1000% better than they sound) I think I will start picking this stuff up at the store. I wonder how expensive it is. One thing I have learned about kale is that it really shrinks down when you cook it. I didn’t think I would use it all so quickly! And after  some blog searching, I have found so many other kale recipes that I want to try!Here are some other ways that people use this super-food in their cooking.

Some use it as a lettuce in a salad…

Massaged Kalesome grind it up and make pesto

Bowl of kale pesto brown rice penneyou can mix it in with your favorite veggies

put it on a pizza

add it to rice

make it into a quiche

Kale Recipeand some get really creative!

However you serve it up, it’s delicious and super nutritious and currently in season so try it!!


Have a great weekend!

-Do you like kale?

-What’s something that intimidates you at the grocery store?

-Any fun weekend plans?!

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