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Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken

Hello there. I have a super simple new recipe to share with you today. It’s been very hot this last week, so spending time in the kitchen cooking has not been something I want to do. Therefor, my crock pot has been doing overtime! On Thursday, I attempted to make pulled bbq chicken, but apparently I don’t have any bbq sauce so I reached for the next best thing, hot sauce!
IMG_1333For this recipe, I used two different hot sauces, Franks, and Crystals. Crystals is a southern hot sauce that I fell in love with on our Louisiana trip! It’s less overpowering and more peppery and flavorful and I was soooo excited when I found it in my local grocery store. Anyway, I used about 2 cups of hot sauces, half a white onion, and 2 frozen (yes they were still frozen). After 8 hrs in the crock pot, the chicken was falling apart, and delicious!

IMG_1348 IMG_1350


Super simple, and really tasty. As you can see, I ate this plain, but you could make it a sandwich, wrap it in a tortilla, put it on nachos, or even a salad. So many options. Nolan doused his in ranch. 🙂

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