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Farm Share Week 6

Good morning! Today I want to showcase this week’s farm share from Hanson’s farm. With each week the haul gets bigger and bigger with more variety and flavors to try. It’s so exciting!


Potatoes, 3 types of hot peppers which Nolan is PUMPED about, and cherry tomatoes which I picked myself. OMG are these incredible!  Cherry tomatoes are something we always had from my grandfather’s garden and they just taste like memories to me. They are sweet, delicious, and they explode in your mouth. I really hope we get more next week because these are just about gone.

IMG_1355We got a bundle of carrots, a pepper, and 5 variety of squash ranging from zucchini, summer, and to be honest, I have no idea what kind some of these are.

IMG_1356More kale, and a head of red cabbage.

IMG_1357Another bundle of basil, and what I was MOST excited for, 5 ears of corn!!! I made corn on the cob Tuesday night and sadly there is nothing left. Fresh corn is one of my favorite farm share treats and something that is really only good for a limited amount of time. Hopefully we will be getting more next week!



Well there you go! Once again, we spent about $650 on this share which ranges for 20 weeks so each week is about $32 worth of produce and after spending some time in the grocery store this week, I would say we definitely got our money’s worth!

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