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Flavor of the Week: Summer Shandy Lobster Roll

Happy Friday!!!!

flavor-1024x1024This week I have thrown together some pretty great meals and really utilized my leftovers which is especially important when you are someone like me who is strapped for cash in the summer. The more you save and the less you spend, the better. Last weekend Nolan’s family held its annual lobster dinner and we managed to come home with 3 leftover lobsters!IMAG8066I am a fan of all foods (except olives and blue cheese) and I live in New England so of course I like lobster, but I am much more of a red meat girl so I rarely order lobster when we go out to eat. I am ashamed to admit that at 27 I had never had a lobster roll before! Even on my Cape Cod vacations I always go with chowder, scallops, or the infamous fisherman’s platter so when we came home with all these lobsters, I knew I wanted to use the leftovers and make my own rolls. There are 2 variations of the lobster roll. One way is to mix the meat with mayo and spices like a seafood salad and serve it cold. The other way is to heat the lobster meat in butter and herbs and serve it hot. I went for the hot version.

After taking as much meat out of these little guys as I could, I warmed the meat in a skillet on low and bathed it in I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and my new favorite Summer Shandy.IMG_1384I love lemon in my seafood and who doesn’t love sipping a cold summer brew while eating seafood?! Truth be told this wasn’t a premeditated ingredient. Whenever Nolan and I are making something truly great in the kitchen we partake in a “cooking beer” and 8/10 times half that beer goes into whatever you are cooking because well let’s face it, beer is a fantastic ingredient. This meal was no exception and I think a stroke of genius. I served the meat on a bed of lettuce in a grilled hot dog bun with a side of corn on the cob from our farm share.IMG_1417IMG_1418IMG_1419The meat was so buttery and delicious and had a nice hint of citrus. The lettuce gave it some crunch and the buttery roll was definitely the way to go! It just tasted like summer and the only thing that could have made it better would have been a view of the ocean. It was easily the best thing I ate all week. 🙂

So what about you? What have you been eating lately? What’s the best thing you ate all week?


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