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Monday Montage: 8/11/14

Hey, how was your weekend? Mine was a bit strange because Nolan was away Friday- Sunday morning so I was flying solo. Nolan and I have lived together, going on 6 years so being home alone is definitely not something I am used to or comfortable with. I didn’t get much sleep because he’s usually the one who tells me to turn off the tv and go to bed so without his influence I was up till all hrs and never really got to REM status. I am very glad to have him home. 🙂 Here are a few snapshots from the weekend.


A bridal shower for a good friend.

Some hiking with my brother

Some night time fishing (also with Brian!)


and yummy treats!

IMAG8093This is my last full week of vacation before school starts (CRAZY) and I have so much to do. Today’s agenda includes a workout, doing some laundry, looking over some curriculum, and setting up my classroom website which should be interesting. Have a great day!

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