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Let Me Explain

It’s pretty obvious that I took a very long break from blogging (2 whole months)!

Let me explain.

The last two months have been the best and worst of my life. After 27 years, 2 degrees, and countless un-fulfilling jobs I finally got my dream job, my own 5th grade classroom in one of the best districts in the state. AHHHHH! The past 2 months have been a dream come true for me and I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life. I look forward to getting up and going to work each morning, and I am learning to manage my new schedule pretty well.

In my mind I knew things were a little too good to be true….. Everything had fallen into place. Everything else in my life had been pretty perfect since I married Nolan 2 years ago and the job was just the last piece of the puzzle.

Now, I know that I cannot connect the two, or be this pessimistic but 3 weeks into my new perfect life, my dad died and everything turned upside down.

Without getting into too much detail, my dad was diabetic and had been on dialysis for  a little over 2 years. It wasn’t expected but it wasn’t the shock of the century and it CRUSHED ME. It knocked the wind right out of my body and the sense out of my head.


I immediately went into proactive more, planning services, making phone calls, and comforting everyone else around me. Nothing seemed real anymore so this process was pretty painless. My life was put on hold for a few weeks along with my ability to write, cook, be social, and function. My dad was a chef and his love of cooking and pleasing people with food was where I got all of my inspiration in the kitchen. I didn’t want to go near the kitchen after he died, which is typically where I relieve all of my stress. Not a winning combo as you can gather.

Anyway, after weeks of tears, anger, regrets, and overall suckyness, I am finally ready to get back to my kitchen and do some reflecting. I don’t write this blog for anyone but me. It’s a virtual diary that I use to reflect on how things are going and I am always looking back at past posts, recipes, and events and I’m able to taste the past and savor all those flavors.

So anyway, I will be getting back to the kitchen and sharing all the recipes, ingredients, and flavors. Promise. 🙂

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