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Happy Anniversary

Last month, Nolan and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! We went our for a very nice (and expensive!) dinner and exchanged gifts.

Nolan’s gifts to me:

IMAG8269 IMAG8270Nolan knows how frustrated I get, having a name that isn’t spelled traditionally. Growing up, my grandmother used to get all the grand-kids personalized things like Timmy’s pencils, Brian’s ornaments, Chris’ door signs etc. I always thought that stuff was so cool but there was never anything for me. 🙁 Both my real name, Catherine, and my nickname, Katy are spelled in a nontraditional way so all my pencils either read Katherine, Katie, or #2. Anyway, Nolan bought a wood burning pen, and make me some personalized items, including my own Katy sized cutting board. That’s love right there! In addition he gave me a hard cider kit, and A WAFFLE MAKER!!!! Needless to say, I spent the next week waffling everything I could get my hands on. Waffles, bacon, eggs, home fries, you name it, I waffled it!waffle

My gift for Nolan was a little less exciting but I was really eager to make it!


IMAG8265A map of all the places we have traveled to together!

IMAG8266 IMAG8267Despite it’s lack of bells and whistles, Nolan loved the gift and is very eager to add new pins to our map! 🙂IMAG8353-1


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