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Brunch Ring Recipe

Well, I think this time I am REALLY back in the blogging game. I shared a few personal updates back in November and I was really hoping to get back into my blogging habits. HOWEVER, that just didn’t happen. Holidays were a bit hectic, and my motivation took a vacation. Now I finally have some blog-worthy things to share, starting with this recipe!

On my school vacation, I spent a LOT of time on Pinterest trying to get some culinary  inspiration to rescue me from my cooking rut. I looked at hundreds of new recipes, some of which I just HAD to try! The Pin is on the left, and my creation is on the right.



This brunch ring is essentially bacon, eggs, peppers, and cheese stuffed inside a ring of crescent rolls. Yes, crescent rolls! For the full recipe, click here.

ringThis took no time to make, and tastes AMAZING! And it looks cool. Nolan dove right in on this thing and when he eats something in the morning, I know I made something good! I even managed to make a few healthy substitutions.

1.  reduced fat crescent rolls

2. 3 eggs and 1 egg white instead of 4 whole eggs

3. low fat shredded cheese

I didn’t use turkey bacon but that’s another easy substitution you could make.  Each serving of this ring is about 180 calories. I love finding new and creative ways to make meals fun, and this is a breakfast recipe I am sure to make again. Also, I already have my eyes on another ring recipe…

Classic Buffalo Chicken filling inside a buttery-crunchy crescent roll is a great game day appetizer!This recipe may make an appearance at this weekend’s tailgate! 🙂



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