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I am pretty excited about my new lunch box!

IMAG8573Because of the Hypothyroidism medication I take every morning, I have to wait until I get to work to eat breakfast so each morning I pack 3-5 containers full of food in my work bag.  It’s kind of pain in the ass and a lot

Small Planet silicone lunch box


to clean at the end of the day. So I went looking for a compact solution! I loved my Small Planet lunch box that I bought a few years ago but it’s seen better days and wanted one with more space. After some googling, I finally settled on a Bentgo Box, in blue of course. This lunch box has two stackable containers, one with 2 – 1 cup containers and a large 2 cup section. In between the two sections is a separation lid with snap in utensils.

I am especially excited about this feature because in the past when I have a mix of cold food and some that needs to be heated up, I have to take the cold food out before microwaving. Now I can just put those in separate containers! The Bentgo is microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe with is always important. My purchase also came with a downloadable recipe guide full of lunch/snack ideas. bentgo


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