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Recipe: Creamy Tomato & Spinach Pasta

I have been very Pinterest happy lately, and I have been making many Pin-spired meals lately. Here is a look at one of my latest creations which we enjoyed for dinner last week!



I realize this doesn’t look beautiful, but it tastes INCREDIBLE! The sauce is rich and creamy and a fun twist on the old- spaghetti-&-meatball- stand-by dinner. I used Philadelphia Whipped Chive Cream Cheese which gave the sauce a nice consistency and texture. I am also currently obsessed with these frozen turkey meatballs from Trader Joes. They are only 50 calories each and packed with so much flavor. If you haven’t tried them, go get them! For a bag of about 12, its less than $4. I usually cook half a bag at a time so I get two solid meals out of them. They have quickly become one of my favorite TJ’s items. Another successful Pinterest meal in the books! 🙂

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