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Flavor of the Week: Sriracha


I made some pretty tasty things this week, but my favorite flavor of the week was this:
Nothing makes me happier than visiting the end cap of New Products at Trader Joe’s. I saw this sauce and threw it into my cart without hesitation. Trader Joe’s sauces and marinades are some of my favorite flavors ever. I love their General Tso, and their honey bbq sauce so when I see something like this, I have to try it. Plus, Sriracha?! Yes please! So this week we put this sauce to the test. A few weeks ago I poured this over a crock pot of TJ’s mini meatballs to snack on during the football game. It was a huge hit, got rave reviews from all our tailgaters, and was gone before the first quarter ended. Our friends aren’t necessarily picky, but we all really loved the taste. I still had 1/2 a bottle of sauce left, so I poured the second half over 2 frozen chicken breasts and cooked them on low in the crock pot for about 8 hours. When I got home from work, I pulled the chicken apart with a fork and we enjoyed sriracha pulled chicken for dinner.



It’s tangy and a little spicy, but not overpowering. It goes great on different types of meat, and I will definitely be buying this for our Superbowl party this weekend!

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