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Jawbone Fitness Tracker

As someone who tries to monitor what I eat (ok, not as much as I should) and exercise, I had thought about jumping on the Fitbit bandwagon. However, that $150 price tag quickly squashed that desire. But then last May a few of my 5th grade students started coming to school wearing another type of tracker called a Jawbone. I loved the way they looked, operated and even more, the price tag! Like Fitbit they come in a variety of styles, colors, and versions.
Jawbone-UpThe company is small and run out of Palo Alto California. They had recently come out with a new line of fitness trackers to compete with Fitbit and their older versions were all on sale.

After browsing the site I settled on the Jawbone Up24 in black.  The design is small and sleek and wirelessly updates to the app on my phone. It operates through bluetooth so whenever your phone is within 30ish feet of the Jawbone it syncs and updates you information into the app. The app is simple to use and customize, though only compatible with certain devices. Anyway, I have had this since May and I am OBSESSED! What fascinated me was how many steps I take in a day at school and how little I can move on weekends. ;-/


The food feature on the app isn’t great, but it can be synced up to My Fitness Pal which is my favorite calorie app. Huge bonus! It also monitors sleep which was interesting to see. I sleep a lot lighter than I thought I did, but it only takes about 15 minutes from when I lay down to when I fall asleep. In addition to goal setting, the app gives you daily facts, tips and fitness tricks that are so encouraging and have made me re think some of my food/fitness decisions.

The Jawbone trackers range in price based on the size you need. I have a pretty small wrist and the small fits perfectly. This cost me $60 on Amazon. For my brother’s birthday I bought him one too. His large cost about $80 which is still a great deal considering the Fitbit is almost twice that.unnamed (9)I highly recommend this tracker to anyone who wants to get into the tracking world but doesn’t want to spend the money on a Fitbit or isn’t sure how long they will really care about tracking. Hey, that happens!!!! There have been many things I have bought thinking, wow this is going to be great and I’m going to use it all the time and then a few weeks later, I don’t even know where is it. Waste of $$! And wasting money sucks!

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