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WIAW 11/11/15

Happy Wednesday!

I am still trying to remember to snap shots of what I have been eating during the day, but I have remembered to take pictures of our dinners because they have been awesome. Nolan and I have a solid routine down. When I get home, I get dinner started. When he gets home we go for a quick 2 mile run and come home to a cooked meal. I have learned that I run much faster when there is food at the finish line. 😉

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Monday Night

On our Sunday shopping trip, we came across these Campbell’s mixes. They were on sale 2/$5 so we chose a few to try.unnamed (2)

We used the Shrimp Scampi skillet mix Monday night.

unnamed (1)

It came out great and had a ton of flavor. Could we have made this ourselves and saved 200 calories? Yes. Are we a little lazy and probably wouldn’t try? Yes. Perfect Monday night meal.unnamed (4)

Tuesday Night

Our go-to-meal. Hormel pork tenderloin. I served it up with a side of Melodious Blend from Trader Joe’s.

unnamed (5)




If you haven’t tried this, I highly recommend!

Wednesday Night

One of Nolan’s favorite meals is a crock pot full of meat and spaghetti sauce. Before I left for work I threw a chicken breast and a few spicy Italian sausages into the pot with 1/2 a jar of Ragu. 8 Hours later….

unnamed (3)

It may not be pretty, but it tastes amazing. The fat from the sausages mixes with the chicken and creates this delectable flavor. Sometimes we put this over pasta but this time we just ate it as is with a side of steamable Brussels Sprouts.

Thursday Night

Thursday was our last night of volleyball so we knew we would be going out for drinks and pizza after. I had a quick salad before we left and then we shared a small buffalo chicken pizza after our workout.

Friday Night

After a long week, Friday night was a night for comfort food. We used another one of the Campbell sauce packages to make a chicken pot pie.

unnamed (6)I actually can’t take credit for this beauty. After our run I collapsed on the couch and Nolan took care of dinner. I think he did a pretty amazing job. 🙂

unnamed (7)So there you go, a look at some of the flavors I have been savoring. This week we have tried a few new recipes that I will be sharing soon, along with some new to me product reviews.

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