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School was closed yesterday for the holiday so I did what every teacher does on a day off…went to the doctors. lol. I love my job and my summers, and my holidays, and my vacations but sometimes I think it would be nice to have a normal job where I can leave for lunch, and fit in a mid day doctors appointment. Not possible with a classroom full of kids. Anyway, I had a wonderful lunch with my grandmother and then headed to the doctor where I received the news that my thyroid is better than ever! As some of you may know I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2012 and it’s been a struggle to get my levels stable for any great length of time. I have officially gone a whole year on the same dosage of medication and my body seems happy. Wahoo! So, I decided to go home and celebrate!

unnamed (8)Chips, dip, and binge watching New Girl. OBSESSED! In between every episode I graded a paper which to me is VERY productive hahaha

Here are some other things I am currently obsessed with

Song-Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – High Dive

Beer- Travelers Pumpkin Shandy I love my pumpkin beer but it tends to be a little too heavy to drink while eating/watching football. Solution? Pumpkin Shandy! This is one of my current favorites!

Guilty Pleasure- Draft Kings– while it lasts! While I didn’t win any money this week, I am so hooked on my fantasy lineups each week. Unfortunately it looks like it may be banned in Massachusetts soon. 🙁

20151101_114235Blog- Barstool Sports This is essentially a sports blog for guys and I have read it off and on for years but this summer Deflategate was my everything and I started reading this blog religiously for daily updates and insights.  If you like sports, have a sense of humor and zero feminist views, I suggest you start reading their stuff. Sidenote, I won a free hat from them in a Draftkings tournament a few weeks and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. 

Make-up- Bare Minerals. I am sooo not a girly girl and makeup is never something I have been good at or known much about. I am a strictly mascara and eyeliner girl. But, after a wedding I was in this September I decided that I should probably be an adult female and start wearing real makeup and putting some effort into my appearance. I have watched MANY tutorials and with the help of this Bare Minerals kit, I am becoming a girl!

Coffee– Pumpkin kcups from Trader Joe’s. Buy them.

Clothing item- My new Sperry boots. I had been rocking the same pair of fall boots for the past 3 years and they finally just broke. Just quit on me. So I was PUMPED to find these at Nordstrom Rack, $50!!!!!

……Ok so re reading over this post I sound like such a basic bitch. Blogging about my pumpkin beer, coffee, makeup and fall boots. I’m gunna end the post here before I make myself sound anymore stereotypical.

What things are you currently obsessed with?


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