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Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!

I am SO excited to be on winter vacation. My friend Sarah (also a teacher) and I celebrated our break with steak fajita nachos and sangria at a local Mexican restaurant last night. A favorite tradition of ours!As excited as I am for the holiday, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. It probably has something to do with the extremely high temperatures we are supposed to have today….


Yes, it is Christmas Eve and it’s almost 70 degrees here in New England. NUTS! As much as I dread driving in and shoveling snow, it’s such an important part of the holiday landscape. Luckily I have one of my favorite candles to help set the mood.


This year has also been much harder than last year in regards to missing my dad. When he died last

Christmas 1996

September we were all in kind of a daze for the holidays. This year it has fully sunk in that he’s gone and his presence is missed.

This year I am looking forward to my favorite traditions, and even some new ones. Tonight Nolan and I will split up. He will attend his family party and I will be visiting with my dad’s side of the family, some of which I haven’t seen since last year.

For Christmas tomorrow Nolan and I will open gifts at home and then head to my mom’s house for brunch and presents. Tomorrow night Nolan and I are hosting our first Christmas dinner and we are very excited! It will only be my brothers and mom coming over but we have had a blast searching for recipes.

So for now I am waiting for Nolan to wake up so we can get some last minute shopping done (yes, I know it’s Xmas Eve) and get all the ingredients we need for a yummy Christmas.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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