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Christmas 2015

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is over!

Our morning started around 9:30, with some strong coffee out of our favorite new woodland creature mugs.f9b338e4-d9b8-47f5-890f-5e4a9af7269bWith the exception of the year I got my engagement ring, this was the best year of presents! Nolan went WAY overboard and got me some spectacular gifts, most of which were cooking/food related, my favorite kind! I am particularly excited about my cast iron skillet! I also got some new pjs, scarfs, 2 pairs of wireless headphones (one pair specifically for running) glass Pyrex containers with carrying case, a cheese plate, Rachael Ray casserole dishes, and an incredible apron!xmasLook at this apron! When you pull the bottom of it up…20151225_103828It has all these great cooking tips and measurement tricks! It may be my favorite gift this year! Nolan loved all his gifts too which included some guitar accessories, a whisky set, some running gear, and a new Patriots shirt.67509070-ccca-432e-81b2-abf705ad2656When we finished opening, I got into the kitchen to make a few things to bring over to my mom’s for brunch. Recipe to come!20151225_113254Around noon we headed to my mom’s to meet up with my brothers and open gifts.

She went a little nuts this year and Nolan and I made out like bandits! We got tons of household things we needed like new towels, mixing bowls, and drinking glasses, along with some very thoughtful gifts! After everything was unwrapped we sat down for brunch. I brought over my blueberry bake and my brother Chris took care of the rest!20151225_140644After we got out of our food coma, Nolan and I headed home to do some clean up and get prepped for dinner.We cooked up a spiral ham, a corn dish, and Brussels sprouts while my mom brought over beans and a potato casserole. It was quite a feast!xmas foodWhile the food was delicious, the best part was spending time with my mom and brothers. With one brother in college and another living in the Boston area, the whole family doesn’t sit down and have dinner together too often. But when we do, there are always a lot of laughs!

2015-12-25 22.10.56 - Copy

Hard to believe I’m the oldest….. Certainly the shortest!

2015-12-25 22.12.43 2015-12-25 22.16.27    Days like this make me so grateful. I am so lucky to have my family so close and that everyone gets along so well. And with my brothers around it feels like my dad is around too. They both remind me of him so much which makes it all even more special. <3

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